Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Various Step Right Up The Songs of Tom Waits

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01 Drugstore Old Shoes
02 Tindersticks Mockin' Bird
03 Pete Shelley Better Off Without A Wife
04 The Wedding Present Red Shoes By The Drugstore
05 Violent Femmes Step Right Up
06 Alex Chilton Downtown
07 Archers Of Loaf Big Joe And Phantom 309
08 These Immortal Souls You Can't Unring A Bell
09 Jeffrey Lee Pierce Pasties And A G-String
10 Magnapop Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
11 Dave Alvin Ol' 55
12 Pale Saints Jersey Girl
13 Tim Buckley Martha
14 Frente! Ruby's Arms
15 10,000 Maniacs I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You


  1. WOW! Just found your site and I'm blown away - thank you so much for these hard-to-find cover comps!!!

  2. Hi Aid, seeing as Jeffrey Lee Pierce is on this compilation, I wonder would you have the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Projects Session: The Journey Is Long? I have the CD, but I can't find it and it's driving me mad!

  3. Hello PC I Have Jeffrey Lee Pierce Projects Session: The Journey Is Long? & Will Post Soon

    1. Hello PC Here's The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project The Journey Is Long