Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Various Black Dog A Tribute To Led Zeppelin's Greatest Hits

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01 Rock & Roll Lee Thompson featuring Marko Pukkula, Richard Kendrick and Costello Hautamaki
02 Bring It On Home White Flame
03 Misty Mountain Hop Monkeysoop
04 The Ocean Derrick LeFevre featuring Keri Kelli, Richard Kendrick, Tom Drennan and Charlie Bonnett III
05 Achilles Last Stand 1 Mystic Force
06 Houses of the Holy The Koolest Kids
07 In the Evening There Be Lions
08 Kashmir Stiletto Ghetto
09 Communication Breakdown Baton Rouge Mourge
10 Over the Hills and Far Away Snowblynd Featuring Chris Poland

01 Stairway to Heaven This Song Remainz the Same
02 Ramble On Chris Poland featuring AJ Caruso, Sergio Yetta and Richard Kendrick
03 Heartbreaker High Voltage
04 The Battle of Evermore Wicked Garden
05 Whole Lotta Love Leaving Eden
06 Achilles Last Stand 2 Fierce Atmospheres
07 Thank You Cursed Diamond
08 This Song Remains the Same Rick Spolar
09 Immigrant Song Last Pharoh

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