Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Various ‎Our Voices A Tribute To The Cure

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1-01 Lizard Smile Burn
1-02 ShamRain Charlotte Sometimes
1-03 Silvery Other Voices
1-04 Sanguis Et Cinis Friday I'm In Love
1-05 Floodland A Forest
1-06 [F.E.V.E.R.] Disintegration
1-07 Bloodflowerz In Between Days
1-08 EverEve Cold
1-09 The Unpleasant Plastic Passion
1-10 The Fair Sex The Walk
1-11 One Last Fix Lovesong
1-12 CineMuerte Close To Me
1-13 Stereoskop Primary
1-14 Prayers For Rain Just Like Heaven
1-15 Second Skin Pictures Of You
1-16 Volstad Feat. Fernando Ribeiro Apart
1-17 Marina Sirtis Wailing Wall
2-01 Tanzwut Lovesong
2-02 Violet Kyoto Song
2-03 Unto Ashes The Drowning Man
2-04 The Escape Seventeen Seconds
2-05 Neon Dream The Caterpillar
2-06 Illuminate A Night Like This
2-07 Curious Siamese Twins
2-08 Ikon A Strange Day
2-09 Lethargy Pictures Of You
2-10 Psyche Faith
2-11 Celluloide Three Imaginary Boys
2-12 Final Selection One Hundred Years
2-13 FGFC820 Feat. Rexx Arkana The Hanging Garden
2-14 Sjukdom Kyoto Song
2-15 Terminal Choice Boys Don't Cry
2-16 Icon Of Coil Killing An Arab
2-17 Midnight Configuration The Hanging Garden

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