Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Various ‎Beyond The Wildwood A Tribute To Syd Barrett

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01 The Mock Turtles No Good Trying
02 Plasticland Octopus
03 SS-20 Arnold Layne
04 Paul Roland Matilda Mother
05 Fit And Limo Long Cold Look
06 The Shamen Long Gone
07 Opal If The Sun Don't Shine (Adaptation Of Jugband Blues)
08 The Ashes In The Morning Baby Lemonade
09 The Lobster Quadrille Wolfpack
10 The Paint Set Golden Hair
11 Tropicana Fishtank No Man's Land
12 The T.V. Personalities Apples And Oranges
13 The Soup Dragons Two Of A Kind
14 The Green Telescope Scream Thy Last Scream
15 The Chemistry Set See Emily Play
16 What Noise Rats
17 Death Of Samantha Gigolo Aunt


  1. Hi, love your blog. I have just discovered it. Any chance of a repost of this one? thx!!!

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  3. Wow, generosity and fast service! Many thanks, I couldn't find this one when it came out. Happy New Year!!